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I paid for app twice and can't use either one.

I purchased app twice and unable to use either one. One of the apps when I try to open just get a blank purple screen and the other one I am unable to use any of my photos. The app shuts down. I do not have problems with any of the other apps on my phone. I am requesting s refund.
Mary Conner

maryconner555, 08.11.2015, 19:57
Idea status: in process


markova, 10.11.2015, 08:19
Dear Mary! Please specify wether you bought the app from Google Play or from iTunes. If from iTunes, please follow the link and read the instructions on how to request a refund - http://www.imore.com/how-request-refund-itunes-or-app-store-purchase If you purchased the app from Google Play, please send us the order number(transaction ID) so we could give you a refund. Hope to hearing from you soon.

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